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Thank you coming here and I hope you find this blog useful, helpful and enlightening. My purpose in creating this blog is to create a home to share resources that I have found useful in my journey from dark to light and finding content that will address my questions and the reasons behind all this madness the past few years. This is a work in progress and I welcome feedback and suggestions. As I share resources my goal is through providing links, why I chose to include them in my blog and a few points I gained from following them. If you find them helpful, let me know if not, please just move along. Some information may later come out to not be true so I ask you to use your own discernment.

Why is my blog called Pass It On?

My name is Cheryl, I am a native southern Californian. and I have always enjoyed learning and research. I have found find strength in learning new information and the current media censorship has made finding out the truth much more difficult. Being raised as a Christian and a Conservative, I supported President Trump from the moment he came down the escalator as I knew that our Nation was not going in the right direction and I felt that he could be a positive force in turning us around and combating evil. I believe God selected him to be a front person during these transitional times.

My Wake Up moment was November 3rd 2019, when I went to bed with Trump winning and then heard about the unbelievable election results that morning. I knew at that moment for sure that our nation was in trouble and I dug deep down many internet rabbit holes.

After sharing my researched information with many friends, I have been told several times that I really should create a site to share. I have been called to do my part to help let people know that we are in a time unlike any other in Earth’s History. It is very exciting to me. God has had enough of the evil, I know that Satan’s reign is now over and we need to create a world of love and light for the future. Thus the message of Pass It On. I remember singing this hymn in grade school at Church and the message is as important and true now as it was back then.

It only takes a spark.

Song Lyrics:

It only takes a spark to get a fire going,

And soon all those around can warm up in its glowing;

That’s how it is with God’s Love, Once you’ve experienced it,

You spread the love to everyone, You want to pass it on. 

What a wondrous time is spring, When all the tress are budding

The birds begin to sing, the flowers start their blooming;

That’s how it is with God’s love, Once you’ve experienced it.

You want to sing, it’s fresh like spring, You want to pass it on. 

I wish for you my friend, This happiness that I’ve found;

You can depend on God, It matters not where you’re bound,

I’ll shout it from the mountain top, I want the world to know

The Lord of love has come to me, I want to pass it on. 

I’ll shout it from the mountain top, I want the world to know

The Lord of love has come to me, I want to pass it on.

If you find this blog helpful, please pass it on.

By Cheryl

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