Why do we need to Jam and Slam? Having been around various EdTech conferences in Asia over the past few years, it’s been a common sight to see educators demo slam their innovative practices at such events and celebrate their achievements with huge high 5s.

When observing these Slams I’ve always thought how great it would be to create the same platform for students to experience the same sense of achievement by creating, designing, building or making something to showcase to their peers and an engaged audience.

Born from this thought came #MakerJamSlam, that was held at Victoria Shanghai Academy, Hong Kong on Wednesday 29th November, 2017.


The ‘Jam’ session had 9 groups of students from different international schools in Hong Kong showcasing what they had been doing in their classrooms with regards to the Maker Movement. On show were robotics, drones, 3D Prints, coding, video game design and most importantly, lots of animated conversations among presenters and audience members (all of the students took it in turns to present and gallery walk around the stands).


The Slam then involved a collaborative challenge connected to the United Nations Global Goals. Students were asked to irrigate some dirty water from one point to another while overcoming a boundary.

The power of the Slam was the iterative process of the task and the way that students went through the design cycle while communicating, collaborating, creating and using their critical thinking skills to overcome these real-world challenges. What amazed many of the teachers observing was how engaged and animated the students were throughout the whole Slam challenge.

Watch out for the #MakerJamSlam being hosted throughout other schools in Hong Kong and hopefully around South East Asia, as students are given the platform and authentic audience they crave and deserve to showcase their creations and 21st Century skills in action.

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  1. Hi Dickie,

    This is a great post and it was an awesome event. I’m sure that you and the other teachers have started something special that will continue year on year. What a fantastic collaboration! It’s fantastic that it started here.



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