Change isn’t always easy

Feelings about change

Change can be exciting and invigorating in any job or organisation. It can also be slow, frightening and extremely challenging. The timing of change along with its duration and the people involved are all to be considered before implementation.

What people need to know the most about change is, what is its purpose and how will it impact them, their students and parents. When visions and goals are shared by leadership and admin, change becomes more transparent and more digestible. It does not, however, guarantee that everyone is going to jump on the bandwagon willingly, laughing and smiling.

Starting the process of change

These two videos summarise to me how to kickstart change. It’s not quick. It takes time and patience and even then, as was eluded to earlier in this blog, not everyone will get on board.

Leading Innovation: The 3 Carriage Train

This video really highlights the importance of identifying who to focus on when you are bringing about change and innovation. Both this video and the next one emphasise the importance of people observing others doing positive things and human nature taking over, with the former group following the habits and practices of the latter.

Leadership From A Dancing Guy


Is it worth it?

As you will have witnessed, if you have watched the ‘Leadership From A Dancing Guy’ video, change can be organic and chaotic. Best laid plans and practice can make change meander off in different directions and go off on tangents and one has to accept this before implementing these ideas. However, if change agents believe in their vision and what they are doing; clearly identify where best to invest their energy; work with both early adopters and the group of people who need a bit more time, incentives and their confidence in their abilities reaffirmed, then anything is possible. The movement has begun. People who have now moved from the middle carriage to the front carriage now need to be celebrated, as they are the best Change PR agents you’ll ever have! Do you have what it takes to bring about the change you want to see and believe in? Your comments are welcomed.



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  1. I like the dancing leader connection – and I agree that one of the most underappreciated roles in change leadership is the “first follower”, who is often looked at as a total hack for not having his own ideas, and a bit of a tool . . but it’s that first follower that encourages others to join in, creating the movement.

    Great blog, and great post!


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